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Buying and selling ideas and inventions to foreign companies

Buying and selling and consulting new ideas, creative designs, attractive inventions and technical knowledge through the online platform to foreign companies and buyers


Steps to export goods to global markets

Exporting goods to global markets by introducing and branding products, researching and identifying target markets, pricing strategy and creating distribution channels


What are the general uses of a product?

Major supply of all kinds of high quality products at factory prices for sale and export to all countries of the world is done by placing an order on the website


The role of online stores in exporting products

Online stores play a very important role in exporting all kinds of products to all countries and cost-effective distribution to attract and satisfy customers


? how this site works

The purpose of this site is to develop sales in international markets, as well as introduce products and services that can be exported. In addition, (start-up) transactions are also carried out in this collection. One of the advantages of this site is buying and selling without intermediaries and directly from the factory. This company is considered a consortium. This means that several companies of the Commonwealth cooperate with each other to introduce their products to the world market. Producers or providers of these services from all over the world can register their products on this site to be introduced to customers and buyers.You can see more complete explanations about this site and its benefits in the section (about the company).