About Us

About Us

Ladomira Export Consortium:A collection of several manufacturing and trading companies that work to increase sales and develop exports.

Definition of consortium:

The alliance or union of two or more companies, organizations, individuals with each other in order to achieve a common goal is called a consortium. Consortium is a French word that is derived from the word (consortium).

Company definition:

The company is a collection of people and production machines that have the possibility of service or production. A manufacturing or service company can exclusively undertake its own sales and act independently.

 Definition of holding:

Holding is a group of several companies that a main company has invested in smaller companies and appropriates a part of their shares or profits and determines general policies. Small companies are subordinate to the parent company. and they cannot function independently.

The difference between the consortium and the two cases above is in these issues. In fact, a consortium is an alliance between several companies, each of which has its own business policy but shares one or more goals.

Descriptions about this collection:

  Yadman company, as a commercial production company with the brand name Ladomira Consortium, has several products in the fields of hydrocarbons and polymers, and the export products of this company are exported to other countries. For many years, Yadman company has been in export destination countries as a reliable company. or known as trusted and provides other products needed by foreign customers. Considering that the products requested by foreign buyers have a wide range, therefore, the need for a large group work was quite noticeable.

Based on this, Yadman entered into a contract with production companies to achieve greater benefits together. This was the first step in establishing Ladmira Export Consortium.

The goals of this consortium:

The most important goal of this Ladomira commercial production consortium is sales development. In simpler words, this company introduces other products or services of other companies to customers and buyers along with its own product so that they can buy if needed. In this case, the production company develops its customers or buyers or exports its product to different countries. Therefore, developing sales and finding more customers and meeting the needs of buyers in an international scope is the most important goal of Ladomira Consortium.

Approaches, mission and strategy:

This consortium implements two missions and several basic approaches to issues.


1- Preservation of the environment

2- Taking advantage of clean energies

3- Proper culture building (social development)

4- Optimizing and preserving natural resources

5- Safe and stable business


  The first mission:

It is to create a safe and suitable market for manufactured goods and member companies of this consortium.

 The second mission:

 It is a responsibility towards customers and buyers to pay attention to the supply of goods on time and with the right quality.


The strategy that exists to achieve goals and missions is a collective strategy. In simpler words, group work has better results than individual work, and unity is very effective in this matter.

In this consortium, manufacturing companies are placed next to each other with the production of various goods and they all unite together. Produced goods are introduced to customers and merchants in the form of a product portfolio, and international marketers rely more on this alliance. Also, the buyers of major goods on a commercial scale have more trust in the United Producers Group and prefer to order from a group that does not waste their money and capital.

Unification of manufacturers and service providers - International marketing - Branding and product introduction - Finding a safe market for each company's products - Finding and selling customers - Sales development and sales stabilization.

The advantages of membership in this consortium:

The most important advantages of Ladomira's export platform include:

Sales development:

In every geographical region where human society is present, the need for goods and its production is also obvious. Access to these geographical areas can attract more customers and buyers. Naturally, the expansion of the market will lead to an increase in sales.

  • Increasing credibility and trust of customers:

As a consortium, this site has more supervision in the work process and buyers buy with more confidence.

  • Branding and introducing the product to global buyers in three languages:

This issue includes the usage culture, brand name and all the parameters of a product in the mind of the target market customers. It is natural that if we talk to customers in a simpler language, they will have a better understanding of the product. In the store website of this consortium, the catalogs are translated with expert translators of this consortium to give a complete understanding to the viewer of the product.

  • Supplying and introducing products in a specialized way:

Some goods, such as knowledge-based goods or startups, which are completely innovative, are also reviewed in this collection in a specialized manner, and branding and familiarization of the consumer market with that knowledge-based product is done on a separate page. Introducing the competitive advantages of the product and its uniqueness is included in the branding program of technological products.

  • 24-hour buyer access to your product:

Customers have access to the products of the Consortium store website 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world and can place their order. There is no time limit for the introduction and access of customers.

  • A cost-effective marketing:

Being a member of the Ladomira Export Consortium leads to a sustainable marketing for you. This means that if each company markets its products separately, it will bear very heavy costs, while the risks of unsafe areas and travel accidents are also added to it. As a result, a coherent and targeted marketing can optimize marketing costs.

  • Analysis of the market for the product:

The consumer market of every product has a feedback. In simpler words, the behavior of buyers in the consumer market is different for each product. Being aware of these reactions helps a lot to stay in that market. This awareness and knowledge about the target market is provided through this consortium.

  • Product development based on customer needs in the future:

A manufacturing or service company needs to be updated for its dynamism. Due to the fact that the needs of customers are different in each period, therefore, the updating of plans and planning for the coming years will also change based on the needs of customers. The manufacturer can update your product based on the information provided by the consortium.

  • Transactions with virtual currency:

Many manufacturers and merchants prefer to do their transactions with virtual currencies due to sanctions and financial restrictions. This possibility has been provided in Ladomira Business Consortium.

What groups does this site offer its services to?

This commercial consortium provides services to various groups related to commercial activities, including:

  1. Manufacturing companies
  2. Startup and technology companies
  3. Transport companies
  4. Customs clearance workers
  5. Language translation collections
  6. Lawyers

All manufacturers and service providers at international levels can cooperate in this trading company.

What groups are members of this export alliance?

At present, the major producers and suppliers in various branches are a subset of Ladomira Export Consortium, including:

  1. Oil and refining subsidiary companies
  2. Petrochemical subsidiary companies
  3. Science and Technology Park technology companies
  4. Manufacturing companies in different branches
  5. Miners and sellers of minerals
  6. Pharmaceutical companies
  7. Manufacturers of detergents
  8. Food manufacturers
  9. Handicraft manufacturers
  10. Industrial production companies

Introduction of the general sections of the site:

Ladomira's commercial website, which operates as an export consortium, has the following main sections:

1- Products section:

which introduces the products of manufacturing companies to domestic and foreign markets in 3 languages.

2- Commercial department:

which deals with the supply of goods, export and import. In this section, the activities are embedded in the form of a request form so that users can fill one of the forms according to their needs and send it to the consortium for review and follow-up.

 3- Start-ups and new technologies section:

  One of the most attractive parts of this website is the startup trading section. Inventors and idea owners can introduce their designs to investors or they can sell their designs. In addition, technologists can export these products or supply them to international buyers by mass producing their products. The expert review of designs and ideas is done by Ladomira's experienced team. This department is one of the most specialized departments of this company.

The approach of this site towards the export and import sector:

Exporting goods or importing them is the main form of this website. If you are an exporter of a product or you need to buy and import a product in bulk, you can share this issue with us so that the work process can be followed.

What are the membership steps in this export consortium?

Providing services in this collection and reviewing issues requires membership and direct interaction with the consortium. This consortium has tried to provide development conditions with minimum facilities. In the initial stages, your documents will be checked and in the second stage, your product will be registered in this consortium. After registering on the consortium platform, your product will be introduced to global markets. The third phase is the conclusion of the contract, which is expressed during direct interactions with the company. In addition to this, the applicant company must sign the commitment letter of this consortium and be committed to the conditions.


The background of the member companies of this consortium is from the year 1972 in the form of several manufacturing companies in different fields. The main activities were in the food and concrete industries. After 15 years, they changed their activities to hydrocarbon companies and concrete industry company was also changed to polymer industry. In 2012, these companies became members of the Chamber of Commerce as export companies. As top exporters, they were able to expand the production and export process. From 2012 to 2022 for 10 years, the assembly of these companies became a company and became a member of Science and Technology Park. Yadman Company was the name of a company that incorporated the activities of several other companies and entered the arena as a commercial production company. Yadman International Company with the brand name Ladomira has titles such as: the best technology company, the best exporting company in its resume. And it has the best production and service company. This trading company has several inventions in different fields, which proves the core creativity of this collection. After the success of Yadman company, other companies also joined this forum and Yadman company became a consortium with increased activity. Managers, investors and members of this export consortium have been introduced on the executive records page.