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Executive phase 1: initial evaluation of the product - examination of the ability to export or import the product - examination of the possibility of product marketing - product and market analysis

Implementation phase 2: placement of goods on the export platform or consortium website, translation of information into the language of customers, negotiation with buyers and product branding - product introduction 24 hours a day and all days of the week

Explanation: The first step in order to wholesale and export is to place your product on the site of this collection. In fact, the amount you pay is a kind of investment in marketing, advertising and sales development. As you need to introduce and find customers in the domestic market, these things are more required in the foreign market. Therefore, it is obvious that Ladomira's commercial team will attach special importance to the products of this consortium. The cost you pay for the manufactured product is spent on the introduction of your product, which includes product content support and production - accurate commercial translation - photo design and editing - writing articles related to your product - 24-hour introduction in the global market - full-time support from Customers' questions - marketers' exploitation of this platform - analysis of market feedbacks regarding the product.