On this page, you can register a product for export, or enter a request to buy a product or wholesale, the company's experts will handle your request as soon as possible.


The main activity of this consortium is trading and sales development. Export, import and wholesale sale of products on a commercial scale is one of the main goals. It is possible to register a product order or announce its availability to suppliers or buyers in this part of the trading platform. In addition to this, marketing in specific regions and branding in all parts of the world is the specialty of this company's executive team. Market analysis, evaluation and feedback are other advantages of this export platform. We will be with you until the end of each business project and you will experience a safe business. To check the work process, refer to the page about the company to know about the membership and executive activities.

In what process does this export union introduce the goods to customers:

This consortium has 2 platforms to introduce products:

  1. The first platform:

Including all digital marketing tools, social networks, business emails, display ads

  1. The second platform:

It includes a team of expert marketers who are present in different countries. Participating in international exhibitions, advertising billboards and distributing brochures and catalogs to buyers, presence in local markets is another part of this marketing that takes place at designated times.

Ladomira Business Consortium is not just a website.

It is natural that a website alone cannot be sufficient in product marketing and physical marketing is also very expensive, time-consuming and risky. But combining these two together can bring an optimal performance. Ladomira Export Consortium is supported by several experienced and expert teams consisting of traders, manufacturers and service providers who have gained years of experience in this way. In addition to that, Yadman Company as the supporting company of this consortium is a commercial production company and is present as a concerned supporter in this field.

What are the items on the business page:

In the business page, there are 3 important parts that most of the customers of this site will need. The three main parts of this page include the product supplier form - product marketing - product request. Anywhere in the world, with internet access, you can register your request for the requested item or the manufactured item. By filling the relevant forms, they send their information to this consortium so that they can be fully checked and the work can be arranged.

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