About the executive team, founders and managers of Ladomira Business Consortium:

In today's world, business is the only factor that continues regardless of any events and politics. In fact, there are global events and policies that change based on trade. The thing that has remained constant in all ages and in all civilizations from the beginning until now is buying and selling and exchanging goods.

Today, many merchants and producers have concerns that solving these issues requires a lot of experience and modern knowledge. The executive team of Ladomira Consortium combined these experiences with science and the result is this export platform.

If we want to have a position in the international market, we depend on five main factors:

1- Virtual branding or digital marketing

2- Physical branding or environmental marketing

3- Merchant credit and business records

4- Trade and production science

5- Time

These five factors are only primary factors and there are other factors that have their own importance.

The managers, investors and members of this consortium have each recorded important successes in their resumes. This consortium is completely private and is not affiliated with any institution or organization. The successes achieved are the result of years of continuous effort. After introducing the members of this consortium, we will also look at the resumes of these people.

Managers, investors and supporters of Ladomira Export Consortium:

1- Mr. Engineer Peyman Moradi, founder and CEO

2- Ms. Engineer Alizadeh , vice president and commercial manager

3- Mr. Dr. Piri, Specialist consultant for startup development department

4- Mr. Saeed Hosseini, manager of the oil and refining industry and production department

5- Mrs. Zahra Golestani, development consultant

6- Mr. Engineer Asgari, expert in technology affairs

7- Mr. Engineer Homayoun Moradi, supply chain expert


1- Mr. Peyman Moradi

2- Ms. Alizadeh ghamsari

3- Mr. Ali Moradi

4- Ms. Awaz Begi

Individual resumes of members:

  • Peyman Moradi

 inventor and international entrepreneur - producer and merchant / CEO of Yadman Company since 2011 - until now

- The holder of the statue of the best technologist from Science and Technology Park in 2012

- Holder of the best researcher statue from (University of Medical Sciences - Science and Technology Park) 2013

- Selected by the National Elite Foundation in the Science to Practice Festival in the field of the latest inventions in 2013

- The holder of the Best Technologist statue and the Ibn Sina statue from the Assembly of Asian Countries 2014

- The holder of the best entrepreneur statue from the Labor Department and Azad University 2015

- The holder of the statue of the best CEO from the Presidential Scientific Vice President 2015

- Obtaining the badge of the best company in the field of innovation and executive projects in 2015

- The holder of the statue of the best young scientist from the relevant provincial bodies in 2016

- The holder of the statue of the best young elite of Iran from the relevant ministries in 2016

- Registration of a global article in the field of mechanical engineering, branch of industrial lasers, 2016

- Winning the second place in the International Inventions Festival and receiving a silver medal in Turkey in 1401

- Has the privilege of invention and innovation and the skill of ideator and researcher in engineering fields

- Having production and development skills in industry and trade

- Entrepreneurial and business developer skills

- Skilled in production planning (in start-up and non-start-up fields)

- Developer and implementer of R&D unit in manufacturing and service companies

- Having consultation and business negotiation skills in different fields (with communication skills

- Strategist in the field of international trade (developing a strategy with the ability to analyze the market and measure the market)

- Member of joint chambers of commerce in the Middle East in order to develop trade corridors

- Owner of LADOMIRA brand and Yadman Lotus brand

- Content designer in the development of branding for the purpose of advertising and producing effective content in marketing

- Engineering design in industrial field - road and urban planning - urban planning, building

- Ability to calculate industrial precision instruments in the laser and photonics industry

- Familiar with computer programming language (Python language) and web design

- Head of the Export and Import Committee of the Chamber of Commerce from 1392 to 1396

- Inventions expert in science and technology park from 2013 to 2014

  • Maryam Alizadeh ghamsari

 international ideator and entrepreneur - producer and merchant

- Founder and manager of Gonbad Minaei company in the field of astronomy (construction and operation of private planetarium)
- Currently the vice president and commercial manager of Yadman Company


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