Vaseline sanitary can |Wholesale of can sanitary vaseline

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Wholesale purchase and sale of canned sanitary vaseline with aloe vera scent and excellent export quality at factory price in 100 ml equivalent to 80 grams in packs of 12

Vaseline sanitary can |Wholesale of can sanitary vaseline

Wholesale sales of sanitary vaseline in cans with high quality and competitive price in plastic cans with a volume of 80 grams in boxes of 12 packs that can be ordered and sent to all over the world

?What materials is sanitary vaseline made of

  Petroleum gel (Petrolatum) which is known by the brand name Vaseline. It is a combination of mineral fats and wax

.Petroleum is obtained from the purification of heavy oil, which is the residue of 360-degree heat distillation

:Vaseline sanitary can

Health vaseline in a can with aloe vera scent is one of the best exported vaselines and it is supplied in bulk in different  commercial scales. This vaseline does not harm the skin and the company refines the vaseline in the best way

:Bulk purchase of canned sanitary vaseline

For the wholesale purchase of this product with the best export quality and cheap price, equivalent to the factory, just register your order on our store site so that the necessary follow-up will be done by the commercial department of the commercial and manufacturing company

:Wholesale sales of can sanitary vaseline

For the wholesale sale of this product with excellent export quality at the factory door price and sending it to all parts of Iran and the world by placing an order on our store site, the sales manager of the Yadaman manufacturing and commercial company will do the necessary follow-up

:The price of sanitary vaseline in a can

Because this product is obtained from refining oil, it is affected by the global price of oil, which is announced on the 15th of every month, but considering that the product is sold wholesale through this site, it is available to buyers and wholesalers at a cheap price equivalent to the factory price. Domestic and foreign sellers are placed

:The best sanitary Vaseline in a can

Skin is a complex and miraculous creature of nature. Our skin is amazing

When we put a product on our skin, we should be sure to choose a brand that is obsessed with keeping our skin looking amazing. We are looking for a quality brand that has been using the best filtration for its production for years

:Uses of canned sanitary vaseline

Vaseline is very useful for the care and beauty of skin and hair, nails, treatment of cracked feet, etc., which we will briefly explain below

:Use of Vaseline to protect and shine hair

Vaseline mask gives your hair a special shine and prevents it from frizzing. For this purpose, just apply a small amount of this product to the ends of your hair

:Application of Vaseline for dryness and dandruff

Massage your scalp with some Vaseline to remove the dryness of the scalp and completely eliminate its itching and prevent it from flaking (dandruff)

:Using Vaseline to have soft and beautiful skin

People who have dry and fragile skin and have continuously used different creams to get rid of it and did not get the desired result, before going to sleep, it is enough to dry the dry areas of your skin such as: hands, elbows, knees, heels, etc. Apply a small amount of this amazing product and cover the area with a clean cloth or plastic, in the morning you will face soft and beautiful skin

:The use of Vaseline for the protection and beauty of nails

If you want to have flexible nails that do not crack or break with a small blow, be sure to grease them with this unique product and also apply the skin around the nails so that painful dry roots do not appear around them

:Vaseline to treat frostbite

If you have a burning sensation in your skin from the cold, especially in the areas of your hands and face, lubricate it with this excellent product to improve your skin so that after the treatment, you will experience the feeling of tenderness and softness

:Use of Vaseline to soothe modified skin

The skin of the body becomes a little thin and sensitive after shaving, so greasing it with Vaseline relieves the burning sensation and acts as an excellent protector on the skin




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