Building stone | wholesale buying and selling of building stone

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The bulk supply of travertine, onyx, marble and granite building stones for export to the world markets at the factory price is done by contacting or placing an order

Building stone | wholesale buying and selling of building stone

The export of building stones requires abundant and high-quality stones in accordance with international standards. These stones have physical and chemical properties necessary for construction purposes.

Bulk purchase of building stones:

Online purchase of all kinds of quality building stones including:

Travertine stone with models: "Abbas Abad", " Dere Bukhari ", "Caramel with wavy design", "Caramel without wave design"

Marble with models: "Roselit", "Bluriver"


You can buy these stones by placing an order on our website or contacting commercial experts at the factory price in the shortest time

Wholesale sale of all kinds of building stones:

  Wholesale of all kinds of quality building stones including

 Travertine stone: "Abbas Abad" with super quality

 Travertine stone: " Dere Bukhari" with super quality and high quality

 Travertine stone: "wavy caramel"

 Travertine stone: "waveless caramel"

 Marble stone: "Roselight"

 Marble stone: "Blueriver"

 Granite stone

  for export to all countries by placing an order on the site or contacting commercial experts

The price of construction stones:

Many factors are effective in the pricing of building stone, including

The quality of ores

The size and thickness of the stones

Stone cutting and processing methods

Designs and natural patterns on the stone

  If you place an order on Yadman's website, you can buy these stones directly at the best price with excellent quality

How is travertine formed?

Iran has many travertine mines. Therefore, it is easy to find this stone in different shapes and designs in this country

Travertine is a type of limestone, which is deposited from mineral springs, especially hot springs. The shape and appearance of this stone is usually fibrous

This stone is considered one of the most luxurious and popular building stones

Travertine stone attracts the attention of many people, especially professional architects, due to its many uses in the construction industry

Characteristics of travertine stone:

  Due to the beautiful and attractive appearance of this stone, the building looks stylish

Due to the high adhesion of mortar with this stone, it is easier to install

It has great resistance to weather conditions such as heat, cold, sunlight, acid rain

This stone is very good insulation against sound and heatThe surface of this stone is very simple and easy to clean and is resistant to stainss

Applications of travertine stone:

You can use this stone in the following places due to its high resistance and special beauty:

Exteriors of hotels and luxury residential and commercial buildings

Hotel lobbies and their interiors (kitchen, coffee shop, bathroom and toilet)

Conference halls and reception halls and corridors

Stylish and unique fountains

The pool and its surrounding walls

Flooring of hotels and commercial, office and entertainment centers

The floor of the elevators

Travertine stone types:

Travertine stone: "Abbasabad" Super

It is one of the most beautiful building stones, this attractive stone is undoubtedly the choice of people with good taste

This stone has many fans because of its special beauty and endurance and durability, especially in buildings such as luxury hotels and elegant villa buildings, etc., which gives them a special beauty

  For this reason, it is known as one of the most popular stones in the world and has a special place

Dere Bukhari" travertine stone":

Dere Bukhari" travertine stone Super model":

  It is considered to be one of the most valuable and expensive travertine stones. This stone has a light background in white, cream and chocolate colors and wavy lines can be seen on this light background.

Due to the high price of this beautiful stone, it is often used in luxury and special buildings. Of course, the lower quality of this stone is also available in the market, which can be purchased at lower prices.

Dere Bukhari" travertine stone, premium model":

"Dere Bukhari" travertine stone, premium model, is considered one of the most expensive and beautiful travertine stones. This stone has a light background in cream, white and chocolate colors, and wavy lines can be seen on the light background stone

Polished: Shiny

Dimensions: 40 * 40 – customized

Color: cream, white

Caramel travertine stone with wavy design:

This stone is one of the famous types of travertine stone, which is widely used and popular among building stones. The background of this caramel stone is clear and attractive wavy designs can be seen on it

Polished: Shiny

Dimensions: 40 * 40 - customized

Color : Cream

Caramel travertine stone without wave design:

This travertine stone has many designs and patterns, each of which is completely different from the other type. The same design and different roles on these stones have attracted the attention of many people

Polished: Shiny

Dimensions: 40 * 40 - customized

Color : Cream

What is Onyx stone:

Onyx is one of the most beautiful, luxurious and popular natural stones in the world

This stone is created from the deposits of hot water springs in different regions and deep underground

The main reason for the formation of Onyx is the concentration of lime under the ground, which has a large amount of calcite. Other minerals are also present in this stone, and each of these minerals creates different and special colors in this stone based on its characteristics

onyx stone 

Polished: Shiny

Dimensions: 40 * 40 - customized

Color: green, brown, mixed (customized)

Application of marble stone:

One of the uses of marble stone is to use it inside the building. Marble stone must have a uniform and non-porous surface to prevent water penetration, because otherwise it will change the color of the stone or it will freeze, crack and break
The use of marble is not recommended for the exterior of the building because it has a large amount of clay, because it causes breakage or weathering of the stone

The places where marble stone is used in the building include:
Flooring of reception halls, conference halls and ceremonies
Flooring of commercial, entertainment and office centers
Kitchen, coffee shop
Stairway and parking lot

Types of marble:

"Bluriver" marble stone:

"Blueriver" marble is a natural stone composed of minerals including: calcite and carbonate, which is formed by air pressure and heat

The method of processing" Blueriver" marble is in the form of tiles and slabs. In the slab method, tools such as lace and epoxy are used to increase the resistance to breakage. This method has a higher efficiency compared to the tile method

Polished: Shiny

Dimensions: 40 * 40 - customized

Color: cream, brown

Roselite" marble stone":

"Roselite" marble is one of the most attractive and beautiful marble stones in the country, which is used for all building purposes. The white color with the faint effects of red and the shine and reflection of its light attracts the attention of every viewer. This stone is undoubtedly the choice of good taste

Final result:

Often, different projects require the use of various types of building stones. Identifying quality building stones includes the evaluation of various factors such as: appearance, durability, strength and suitability for the intended purpose. By online shopping of all types of building stones including: travertine stones, onyx, marble and granite from the website of Ladomira Business Consortium, the beauty and guarantee of the originality of your requested product at the best price.


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