Sanitary Vaseline in barrel| Wholesale sanitary Vaseline in barrel

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Wholesale supply of high quality barrel sanitary vaseline in plastic barrels of 175 kilos at the factory price suitable for cosmetics and health industries and...

Sanitary Vaseline in barrel| Wholesale sanitary Vaseline in barrel

Buying and selling bulk sanitary vaseline (petroleum gel) in metal and plastic barrels with the best quality and factory price, for sanitary and cosmetic factories and other industrial uses

?What is sanitary vaseline made of

Vaseline or petroleum gel is a natural petroleum gel that consists of mineral oils and wax and is a semi-solid substance. This substance helps the skin to protect it. Chemical experts extract it from petroleum. This substance is one of the substances compatible with the human body

:Bulk or barrel sanitary vaseline

Vaseline factory packs bulk in 2 types of barrels (metal and plastic)

:Plastic barrels

Most of the company's packaging is done in 180 kg and 50 kg plastic barrels, depending on the amount of the order, and these barrels are more affordable for the customer

It should be noted that when arranging the load, 180 kg barrels are placed in the bottom row and 50 kg barrels are placed in the top row of the car so that the lids of the barrels are not damaged during transportation

:Metal barrels

Petroleum gel is packed in metal barrels based on the customer's order and the target market. These barrels can be new or second-hand according to the customer's opinion, but their cost is calculated differently

:Bulk purchase of sanitary vaseline in bulk or barrels

If you decide to buy petroleum gel in bulk at the best price and excellent quality for export, place an order on our website or contact the company's business experts

:Wholesale sales of sanitary vaseline in bulk or barrels

The wholesale sale of petroleum gel for your order from domestic and foreign wholesalers at a special price with the best quality in production is done by placing an order on the website or directly contacting the company's business experts

:Wholesale price of sanitary vaseline in bulk or barrel

  The price of petroleum gel changes with the effect of the global oil price on the 15th of every month, and we offer this quality product at the factory price to potential customers, including major domestic and foreign buyers

Place your order on the site or contact our business experts to follow up


:The best sanitary vaseline in bulk or barrel

This product has two types, industrial and sanitary, cosmetic, which differ in the presence of impurities and the number of purification steps

Its industrial type has a yellow and darker color and is used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, ceramic manufacturing, etc

In uses related to human health, sanitary vaseline should be used, which has been filtered in three stages and its impurities are completely separated, but for industrial uses, yellow or dark type can also be used

:Uses of bulk or barrel sanitary vaseline

Bulk sanitary vaseline is used in the cosmetic industry to make many health creams, skin and hair beauty masks

Also, this compound is used as an additive to printing ink to increase the ability of the ink to spread during printing

In the plaster molding and casting industry, they use Vaseline so that the sample can be easily separated from the mold



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