Industrial liquid paraffin| Wholesale of liquid paraffin

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Wholesale supply of liquid industrial paraffin (paraffin oil) with excellent quality and factory price in metal and plastic barrels that can be sent to all countries

Industrial liquid paraffin| Wholesale of liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin is one of the oil derivatives which is clear, colorless, almost odorless and oily and is also known as paraffin oil, whose refined type has cosmetic, medicinal, medical and edible uses

:liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin has two types, light and heavy

Today, this product is produced for use in various industries. Health, industrial and food sectors are among the types of consumption of this substance

:Bulk purchase of liquid industrial paraffin

To buy this functional product with excellent quality, suitable for export and factory price, you can reach your goal with the lowest cost and the shortest time by placing an order on our website or contacting the company's business experts

:Wholesale sale of liquid industrial paraffin

It is noteworthy that you, dear manufacturers and wholesalers, who intend to sell and export your products at a constant base price, can communicate with business experts through our website and increase the sales of your products in the shortest time by saving money and time

:Wholesale price of liquid industrial paraffin

Considering that this product is an oil derivative, the major part of determining its price changes based on the global oil price on the 15th of every month

:The best liquid industrial paraffin

Since paraffin oil is used in cosmetics and even food industries, it needs proper filtration, so the company produces the best quality product

:Below are some uses of liquid paraffin

  The most important type of liquid paraffin consumption is in the cosmetics industry. After that, it is used in medicine production and in other food industries and finally in industrial industries for lubrication

:Application of liquid paraffin in cosmetics

Refined mineral oil is a common ingredient in beauty products, including skin softening hand and face creams, washing creams, cold creams, moisturizing creams, bronze oils and cosmetic products and hair oil, baby lotions, ointments and Eyelashes are used to prevent their fragility and in cosmetic products as makeup remover and temporary tattoos to produce wet wipes

Liquid paraffin keeps the skin moist and protects the skin from ultraviolet rays

:Application of liquid paraffin in industries, electricity and electronics

Mineral oil is used in a variety of industrial/mechanical capacities as a non-conductive coolant or thermal fluid in electrical components because it does not conduct electricity and acts to displace air and water. Some examples are in transformers, where it is known as transformer oil, and in high-voltage switchboards, where mineral oil is used as insulation and as a coolant

:Application of liquid paraffin in textile industries

  It is mainly used in the textile, spinning and weaving industries and is used as a machine lubricant

:Edible liquid paraffin

This type of paraffin is completely refined and all its toxic and other harmful substances have been removed

:Application of liquid paraffin in pharmaceuticals

Based on its nature, liquid paraffin is classified into pharmaceutical forms in the manufacture of eye solution, oral jelly, oral solution, rectal ointment, topical lotion, topical oil, topical ointment

In the production of cosmetic products and creams, sanitary liquid paraffin is used as a mineral oil. Paraffin preserves the skin's moisture and protects the skin from ultraviolet rays

:Application of liquid paraffin in veterinary medicine

OTC mineral oil is intended as a mild laxative for pets and livestock. Certain mineral oils are used in livestock vaccines as an aid to stimulate a cellular immune response to the vaccination agent

Applying mineral oil on the legs, toes, and feet will suffocate small parasites

In beekeeping, tissue paper saturated with mineral oil is used as a treatment for mites and other mites

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